21 Best Dog Toys for Chewers

Some dogs treat their toys like treasured prizes, while others rip through them like they are in endless supply. Budget conscious owners of the latter type will likely look for sturdy toys that will last long enough to make them worth the money.

If that describes you, never fear! Our Moline, IL, animal hospital‘s list will help you sort out the best of the best when it comes indestructible toys.

Types of Dog Chew Toys

Before you determine what toy is the best for your dog, you have to determine what type of chew toy your dog prefers.

Ring-Shaped Chew Toys                   

This is the most common toy owners of aggressive chewers will encounter. For one thing, they’re easy for dogs to tote around, and second, they’re pretty resilient and harder for your dog to chew pieces off (and potentially swallow them).

These toys can also be fun to use for owners and dogs while playing fetch or tug-of-war.

Bone and Stick-Style Chew Toys

This kind of toy is the best for dogs who like gnawing on things for extended periods of time. They’re also pretty easy for your dog to hold and manipulate.

But unlike the ring-shaped toys, bone and stick-style toys are not the best for use in interactive play between a dog and their owner.

Stuffable Chew Toys

Toys that can be stuffed with treats are great for dogs who seem easily bored, as it will likely work diligently to get their favorite snack out of the contraption.

They can also aid in engaging your dog’s mind, which is certainly not a bad thing to add into your furry friend’s life!

Tug Toys and Ropes

If your dog has a great desire to engage in tug-of-war with you, these specific toys are perfect for them! They come in different shapes—but usually in “s” shapes, figure 8s, or knotted ropes. There’s usually a handle on each end, one for you, and one for your dog, which are unlikely to break during use because they’re made out of material that is known for having a high tensile strength. 

Ball-Style Chew Toys

This very classic dog toy is best for canines who show a desire to play fetch, run, and chase an object that bounces in unpredictable ways. Solid rubber balls are more recommended than others.

Discs and Other Flying Toys

Also known as frisbees, these toys are also great for dogs who like to run, and the flexible material they’re made from make them easier for a dog to scoop up from the ground.

However, these are better suited for designated games of fetch, rather than toys that can be chomped on incessantly.

Plush or Soft Chew Toys

Yes, this type of toy may seem like a bad fit for aggressive chewers, but there are some cuddlier toys that are designed to be more durable than others.

Best Dog Chew Toys

Here are 21 of the best dog chew toys:

Ring-Shaped Chew Toys

1. Goughnuts MAXX Pro 50 Ring 

A heavy-duty ring-style chew toy made from Goughnuts’ toughest rubber.

2. KONG Tires

These are tire-shaped chew toys that are made in the USA and part of KONG’s “extreme” toy product line.

3. Nylabone Power Chew Ring 

A bacon-cheeseburger-flavored nylon ring that’s specifically designed for power-chewing dogs.

Bone and Stick-Style Chew Toys

4. Goughnuts MAXX Stick HD

A stick-style dog toy that is made in the USA, tough enough for power chewers, and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

5. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley

A durable, bone-shaped chew toy that’s made from West Paw Design’s special Zogoflex material.

6. Benebone Wishbone 

A wishbone-shaped nylon chew toy that’s infused with “pup-pleasing” flavors.

Stuffable Chew Toys

7. KONG Extreme 

The most durable version of KONG’s classic “wobbler” toy that you can stuff with all sorts of tasty treats.

8. West Paw Designs Tux 

A durable puzzle toy that can be stuffed with treats, kibble, or dog-safe spread.

9. RUFFWEAR Gnawt-A-Rock 

A super-durable rock-shaped chew toy that you can stuff with your dog’s favorite treats.

Tug Toys and Ropes

10. Goughnuts MAXX Tug HD 

A figure-8-shaped chew and tug toy made with Goughnuts’ strongest and most durable rubber.

11. Mammoth Flossy Rope Tug 

An all-natural cotton-fiber rope toy that’s available in several links with varying numbers of knots.

12. KONG Tug 

An easy-to-grip springy toy that’s made in the USA and constructed from KONG’s classic-line red rubber.

Ball-Style Chew Toys

13. KONG Extreme Ball 

The ultimate ball toy for power-chewing dogs that’s made in the USA from KONG’s most durable rubber.

14. West Paw Jive 

A uniquely shaped ball toy that’s great for chewing, and it floats for water and pool-time fun.

15. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Squeak Ball 

A durable and dishwasher-safe dog ball that also floats and contains an internal squeaker.

Discs and Other Flying Chew Toys

16. KONG Flyer 

A durable yet flexible flying dog disc that’s made in the USA and from KONG’s classic red rubber material.

17. SuperChewy Tough Discs 

A flexible flying disc toy for tough chewers that’s backed by a one-time, free replacement guarantee.

18. TUFFY MEGA Boomerang 

A soft, fun, and flexible boomerang-shaped dog toy that’s made from a combination of polyester and fleece.

Soft and Plush Chew Toys

19. Outward Hound Invincibles Stuffingless Snake

A durable stuff-free plush with double-stitched seams and Dura-Tuff lining.

20. ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz Squeaky Plush Toy

A set of three durable, animal-themed, stuffing-free plush toys (with two squeakers in each).

21. Tender-Tuffs Stuffed Grouper Toy

A huge stuffed plush toy that is built to last and specifically designed for large dog breeds.

Ask Our Moline, IL Vets Which Dog Chew Toy Would Be Best for Your Best Friend

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