Cat & Dog Allergies in Moline

It’s normal for cats and dogs to occasionally scratch at themselves. However, if the scratching goes on for hours and you notice that your pet is getting bald spots, they could have allergies. Cat and dog allergies are common, and can be triggered by various allergens in their environment. As with humans, many pets will sneeze when they encounter certain allergens, but another symptom is itchy skin, also known as ‘pruritus.’

To give pets much-needed relief, our veterinary team in Moline can provide pet dermatology services to help manage their symptoms. Itchy skin can result in an endless cycle of scratching and licking, which damages the skin barrier and intensifies the itching. You and your pet don’t need to go through this alone—we can help! Call us today at (309) 524-5696.

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Pet Dermatology Services We Offer

No two skin conditions are exactly the same. Furthermore, our team understands how important it is to accommodate the diverse cases we encounter. Our services include:

  • Heska allergy testing
  • Skin cytology
  • Skin scraping
  • Fungal culture
  • Food trials
  • Biopsy

Treatment options we offer include:

  • Apoquel – oral anti-itch medication
  • Cytopoint – injectable anti-itch medication
  • Antibiotics – to treat infection
  • Diet change/hypoallergenic diet
  • Topical medication
  • Medicated shampoo

Cat & Dog Allergies We Can Treat

Allergies cannot be cured, but they can be managed. Our treatments can significantly improve your pet’s allergy symptoms, thus improving their quality of life. The most common types of allergy cases we see at City Line Veterinary Center include:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Flea bite dermatitis
  • Food allergies
  • Ear mites
  • Ringworm

Managing Your Pet’s Skin Condition

Before we can find the right treatment, we’ll need to diagnose your pet’s condition. Fleas, ear mites, and atopic dermatitis can all cause your pet to itch, but they cannot be treated in the same way. Once we’ve devised a treatment plan, you will need to maintain it consistently. Your veterinarian may also want to see your pet for follow-up visits to assess their progress.

If your pet is scratching excessively and/or has red, scaly, or bald patches on their skin, bring them in to see us right away. Left untreated, their condition can only get worse, and we want to prevent that in any way possible. So call us today at (309) 524-5696!

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