Our Veterinary Services

We believe in providing our patients with a full range of services to help them live the longest, healthiest life possible. Whatever your pet’s needs, our goal is to accommodate each and every one at our animal hospital in Moline. See our primary services listed below, and click through to learn more about them. If you have any questions about our veterinary services, feel free to let us know.

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Wellness Care & Packages

Includes the physical exam, vaccinations, diagnostics, parasite prevention and more. We also offer wellness packages to suit your budget.

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We offer soft tissue and orthopedic surgical services to anticipate the diverse needs of our patients.

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We create personalized vaccination schedules for all of our patients to protect them from disease and keep them healthy.

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Spay & Neuter

Pet spay and neuter surgeries do more than prevent unwanted pregnancies. They can also give your pet a longer, healthier life.

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House Calls

If needed, your veterinarian can come directly to your home to administer treatment to your pet.

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Veterinary Massage

Our massage services can reduce stress and increase your pet’s range of motion. A professional canine massage therapist works closely with our veterinarians to create individualized care plans.

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Dental Care

Our pets need dental care just like we do. We can help you establish a healthy dental routine for your pet to preserve their teeth and maintain their oral hygiene.

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Whether your pet is recovering from surgery or developing arthritis, our rehabilitation services—from laser therapy to therapeutic massage—can help.

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For the early detection and accurate diagnosis of underlying illnesses, we utilize our in-house laboratory and diagnostic imaging equipment.

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Laser Therapy

This soothing, noninvasive treatment stimulates cell repair, improves circulation, and speeds healing for many different health conditions.

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Skin conditions are common in pets, and they are often caused by allergies. Your veterinarian will help you manage your pet’s symptoms and keep them comfortable with the proper treatment.

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Boarding & Daycare

We’re more than happy to be your pet’s home away from home while you’re out of town or away at work.

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Emergency Care

Having an emergency? Let us know so we can take care of your pet right away.

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Our groomers can provide baths, haircuts, nail trims, and more for pets looking scruffy around the edges.