The Benefits of Cat Grooming in Moline, IL

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We all love our friendly and adorable cats, but they are not easy to groom! Thankfully, there are many options for keeping your kitten groomed. But is grooming necessary? While it is true that not all cats have long and fluffy fur, they all still require grooming to feel comfortable and live a long and healthy life.

Keep on reading our Moline, IL, animal hospital’s blog post to find out the fantastic benefits of cat grooming!

What is Cat Grooming?

Most of the time, when you think of the word ‘grooming,’ the first image is of a dog. Truthfully though, you can groom any pet! Cats especially need to be groomed regularly. While it is true that these furry felines groom and clean themselves, it can still be beneficial to help them out with the long and tedious process.

Cat grooming is a process and is more than just brushing their fur. As a responsible and loving pet owner, it is necessary to trim and clip your cat’s nails so they don’t accidentally hurt themselves. Although it is not necessary to cut a cat’s fur or shape it, frequent brushing does decrease the possibility of shedding.

What Tools Do You Need for Grooming a Cat?

Now that you feel ready and alert to groom your cute cat, what tools are necessary? Every cat requires different tools; however, the most common ones are nail clippers and grooming brushes. We understand that it can be hard to find a grooming tool you like that your cat will let you use. These feisty pets tend to be vocal and picky with grooming tools.

While there are not many different types of clippers, there are hundreds of different types of grooming brushes, including deshedders! Every type has its own purpose. For instance, you can purchase a metal de-shedding brush for your cat to take away the extra fur. This particular type of brush is great for cats with a lot of excess furs! 

If you need something gentle for short-haired kittens, we recommend choosing a silicone brush. These brushes are flexible, and the bristles are made of a rubber-like consistency that won’t harm or bother your cat.

3 Benefits of Cat Grooming in Moline, IL

There are many benefits of cat grooming. Three specific benefits are listed below:

1.     Reduces the Spread of Allergens

Do you or your cat have allergies? Skin allergies are uncomfortable but not impossible to deal with. Thankfully, there are many options when it comes to helping your cute kitten live life with allergies, and it includes grooming! Every time you let your cat indoors from being outside or in a new environment, you should groom their fur.

This is because dead skin and other allergens can easily get stuck in your cat’s fur, which leads them to have skin and environmental reactions. The grooming brushes, however, take away the allergen along with excess fur that your cat is already shedding.

1.     Keeps Your Cats Claws from Getting Stuck

Frequently grooming your cat can also keep their claws or nails at a short length. Not only is this better on your skin as you won’t have to accidentally deal with cat scratches, but it helps your cat. When cats have long claws, the most they can do is sharpen them.

When these nails get too long, the sharpening does not help lower the length. As they walk through your home, their kitten claws can get stuck in fabric, causing painful pulling. To avoid this possibility, it is best to clip your cat’s claws slightly every month.

2.     Easy Clean Up and Less Fur

Who doesn’t want a clean home free from cat fur? As cat owners, we know just how intense cat fur and hair can be. It floats in the air and clings to our clothing like nothing. The best way to avoid your cat’s hair from accumulating in your home is to give them a good brushing daily. Use a silicone brush to pull the shedding hair. You aren’t doing your cat harm as the hair has already fallen out and is clinging onto your cat’s remaining fur.

How to Groom Your Cat at Home

Thinking of grooming your cat at home? The best way to start is when your cat is a kitten. This way, they are used to the routine and won’t fidget at the sight of a brush or clippers.

First, start with their claws. It is not something they will like and does take time to get used to, though. You can feed your cat snacks and treats to calm them during the procedure. Next, use the grooming brush carefully and lightly. You do not need to add large amounts of pressure or speed as you brush and discard your cat’s hair. Make a pile of the hair and sweep it up when you are ready!

Our Moline, IL, Animal Hospital Offers Cat Grooming

Overall, there are more benefits than disadvantages to grooming your cat! While there is a learning curve as your kitten gets used to this new routine, it is worth it! When you frequently groom your cat using clippers and brushes, you help them release the hair, contributing to their overall health.

If you cat is in need of a groom, our Moline, IL, cat groomers can help! Reach out to our Moline, IL, animal hospital to schedule your cat’s grooming appointment by giving us a call at (309) 524-5696.