Benefits of Therapeutic Massages for Dogs in Moline, IL

If you have a dog, you might have heard about therapeutic massages for dog health. This unique vet care treatment option is growing in popularity and continues to provide more and more benefits to dogs who are suffering from a variety of illnesses and conditions.

In the article below, you’ll find out more about the different situations in which your dog might be able to enjoy some benefits from therapeutic massage. Read through this list and use it to determine whether or not you should talk to your veterinarian about massage for your dog. If you have any questions, call City Line Veterinary Center at (309) 524-5696.

therapeutic massages for dogs

Help Improve Mobility

One of the most common reasons to have therapeutic massages for your dog is to improve their mobility. As dogs age, they naturally lose some of their mobility and may be more at risk of developing arthritis too. If this is true of your dog, they may need massages to help them stay active and healthy as long as possible.

Additionally, dogs with congenital or chronic problems such as hip dysplasia may need massages to improve their mobility as well. Frequent therapeutic massages can give your dog more range of motion and make it more comfortable for them to move around.

Help Reduce Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation and pain go hand in hand, especially when it comes to joint and bone health problems. If your dog is suffering from any of these types of conditions, you can help them feel better by providing a therapeutic massage frequently.

Massages can help take down inflammation in parts of the body that are affected by this problem. As a result, they also reduce pain. If your dog has a strain or sprain, you can help reduce their pain through a massage in this situation, too. However, be careful that you don’t accidentally overdo it and cause more harm and pain.

Help Calm and Soothe

Massages are calming and soothing for dogs just like they are for humans. If your dog is very anxious or scared all the time, they might benefit from having a soothing therapeutic massage every few days or once a week.

One of the most common causes of anxiety in dogs is separation anxiety. This problem happens when a dog’s owners leave them alone in the house, and they become agitated and upset about not having their human family nearby. Some dogs may become destructive during this time, but you can reduce the problems associated with separation anxiety through massage.

Help Increase Circulation and Decrease Blood Pressure

Dogs who are older or who have health problems that cause poor circulation may see some benefits from having a therapeutic massage. Massages naturally increase circulation by stimulating blood flow throughout the body. They make it easier for blood to move where it’s supposed to, which reduces pain and other issues associated with poor circulation.

Additionally, massages can also help decrease your dog’s blood pressure. If your dog is getting calm and relaxed during a massage, this result can make their blood pressure lower and can help their heart stay healthier as a result. Reduced blood pressure is an important benefit for dogs who have normally high blood pressure.

Help Improve Digestion

Some dogs with digestive problems have seen plenty of great results through the use of therapeutic massage. If your dog has irritable bowel syndrome, frequent pancreatitis, bowel cancer, or any other type of digestive system issue, they might be able to get some relief if you take them for regular therapeutic massages.

Massage is a great way to help a dog’s digestive system function the way it’s supposed to. Since blood flow is stimulated throughout your dog’s body during a massage, this encourages blood to flow throughout the digestive organs too, which in turn increases digestive functionality.

Help Improve Organ Functions

Some organ functions may be able to be improved by having therapeutic massage treatments for your dog. Since massages help encourage more blood flow throughout your dog’s body, this benefit also makes it easier for your dog’s organs to work better, too.

If your dog is dealing with the early stages of organ failure or has cancer or other diseases of the organs, they might be able to benefit from therapeutic massage as a management solution.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to consider therapeutic massage as a treatment option for your dog. If your dog is dealing with any of the conditions listed above or with any others, you should talk to your vet about this potential treatment solution for your pet.


Although therapeutic massage may not be right for every dog, it is a great method of treating or managing the conditions of many. Your vet can give you more information about whether or not your dog might be a good candidate for this type of treatment moving forward. Call us today at (309) 524-5696.