A Place to Stay While You’re Away: Dog Boarding in Moline, IL

dog boarding moline, ilWe can’t always bring our dogs with us on vacation or work trips, and when we have to leave them behind, we want to be sure we are leaving them with someone we can trust.

Finding the perfect fit for your pup can be challenging and often the hardest part about planning a getaway. Making sure your dog is happy, safe, and comfortable when you’re away might seem challenging, but with enough research, you can feel confident about boarding your dog.

The Benefits of Dog Boarding

If you’re wondering whether you should board your pet, hire a pet sitter, or leave your pet with a neighbor, consider what you want them to get out of their staycation.

Each option offers a different experience for your pet. But if you want to be sure they get plenty of socialization and playtime, most kennels offer scheduled outside playtimes with animals of similar size and energy level.

Many specialized dog boarding locations can also offer private, personalized training for your dog, so they can learn while you’re away.

Boarding your dog at a professional boarding facility can also help guarantee that they’re left with responsible people who are familiar with pet care, and the behavioral and safety needs of dogs. If your dog gets sick while you’re away, you can rest assured that staff will know to contact your vet or have someone on staff provide care to your pup.

Leaving your dog at a kennel also means they won’t spend a second alone. Whether it be with staff members or other dogs, your dog will be less lonely while you’re gone. Not only will this ease your mind while you’re away; it can also lessen your dog’s separation anxiety.

What You Should Look for When Finding a Place to Board Your Dog

You should spend some time researching different boarding facilities before leaving your dog in someone else’s care. If you aren’t sure if a potential kennel is right for your dog, consider the level of cleanliness, comfort, and safety each kennel offers.

You might want to set aside time to visit all the facilities you’re considering, so you can get a feel for what they’re like. 


Does the doggy daycare smell? Chances are, if you don’t like the smell of the kennel, your dog won’t either. Kennels that prioritize cleanliness oftentimes do not reek of dogs. Proper ventilation is essential.

Be sure to ask for a tour of the facilities and to observe all the areas your dog will be. Is there urine on the floor? How do they clean up after your pet? If there is a water feature, is it properly maintained and cleaned?


Where will your dog be sleeping every night? Do they have dog beds? Cots? If your dog is used to sleeping in your bed at home, they may be uncomfortable if they have to sleep on a hard surface. Is the kennel air conditioned? Does it have heat? Be sure to ask plenty of questions about the conditions your dog will be living in while you’re away.


Are there staff always on hand to ensure dogs are safe? Check for any safety hazards in the play areas including sharp objects, debris, and potential escape routes. You should also find out if staff is trained in pet first aid, or if they work with a vet located near the facility.

The most important part of choosing a kennel or doggy daycare is that you feel comfortable leaving your best friend there. Ask plenty of questions and be honest about your dog’s needs and behavior.

This will help staff provide better care to your pet. Many dog boarding facilities also offer video live streams, so you can check in on your dog while you’re away.

How Do I Prepare My Dog for Boarding?

Most kennels and doggy daycares have minimum vaccination requirements. This is to keep the dogs and staff safe from any common, easily transmitted illnesses. Be sure to schedule a vet appointment well before your vacation to ensure that your pet is fully vaccinated and ready for his or her stay!

Many daycares and kennels also offer trial runs. Leaving your pet for a night or even just the day can help them feel more comfortable when they have an extended stay. You can also drop off a t-shirt, blanket, or even your dog’s bed to ensure they have something that smells like home. This can help with any separation anxiety and boarding jitters.

Be sure to schedule your dog’s stay and any trial runs a few months in advance. Popular kennels can fill up fast and you don’t want to miss out on a vacation or trip because your plans for your pet fell through.

The boarding or daycare facility can also give you a checklist of every vaccination your pet needs, so you can schedule a vet appointment with plenty of time to spare.

Dropping Off Your Dog for Boarding

Before you drop off your dog, have a checklist prepared so you can make sure your pet has everything they need. Bring enough food for the entirety of your dog’s stay (always include a little extra just in case), as well as any medication they may need.

Provide the facility with a copy of your pet’s health records, along with your vet’s contact information. Don’t forget your pup’s bed and their favorite toys to make the stay feel like a fun weekend away from home.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to your dog, even for a short amount of time. Boarding your dog provides a comforting solution for leaving them behind. At a kennel, you know your dog will be able to spend time socializing, playing, and maybe even learning a new trick or two.

Our Animal Hospital in Moline, IL, Offers Dog Boarding – the Perfect Getaway for your Pet

If you are looking for a boarding facility that can meet all your pet’s needs while you’re away, we have you covered! Our Moline, IL, animal hospital provides comfortable and safe dog boarding. To schedule your dog’s stay with us, give us a call at (309) 524-5696.