Pet Heat Safety in Moline, IL

As the summer months come rolling in and bring heat and sticky humidity to Moline, IL, it is important for pet owners to know how to care for their beloved animals. Too much heat can cause severe health problems and dangers. This is why it is important to inform yourself of pet heat safety.

Knowing how to cool down your pet during the hot summer days can be the difference between life and death. Although many people may not know it, animals are not tough enough to experience dry heat. Read our animal hospital’s article to learn more about pet heat safety.

pet heat safety moline, il

How Hot is Too Hot?

The best way to know when the weather is too hot is to look at your own reaction to the heat. If you are really feeling the heat, your pet feels the same way. Although they are not as vocal as we are, it is likely they are feeling that heat.

Try and keep your dog inside once the temperature spikes and hits over 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially true if you live in an area where there is a lack of shade or a cool breeze.

Dog Breeds That Can Overheat Quickly

Did you know that there are certain pets and dog breeds that overheat quicker than others? Through years of overbreeding, dogs with flat faces like Pugs and Bulldogs have trouble breathing on a regular basis. This is because their faces are flat, causing flaps of skin and flesh to get in the way of their breathing.

What does this have to do with heat, though? Dogs and other animals actually cool themselves down by panting and through their paws. However, if your dog or pet cannot pant properly, this causes the heat to trap inside of your dog’s body.

Other dogs with long and thick coats have a hard time cooling down as well. For example, Pitbulls that are dark in color and have a double thick coat can overheat, even with short fur, would have a hard time cooling down.

Pet Heat Safety Tips

Listed below are a few pet heat safety tips to consider when playing with your furry friend outside or in a hot area. Remember, if you want to drink water and feel the air conditioner, it is likely your pet feels the exact same way!

Water Source

If you are outside with your pet, hydration is the number one safety tip. Always bring a bowl for your pet or go to a place that has one at the ready. For example, some restaurants and dog parks offer free water through a spout and often have a water bowl to catch the water.

Having an open water source encourages your pet to drink water and get better quickly. The more water they drink, the more hydrated they are. The water source, though, should not be hot or too cold. As tempting as it is to add ice to the water bowl, this can cause shock if your pet is going through a heat stroke.

Fan and Air Conditioning

To cool your pet when they are having trouble doing so, it’s recommended to use a fan or air conditioning system.

Once you get inside of your home or car, start the air conditioner on cool down. Try not to let your dog inside the car until it is cool enough. Too much trapped heat can cause dehydration and overheating leading to seizures and heat strokes, which are very dangerous.

Shade From the Sun

When playing outside with your furry pet, another tip is to look for shady spots to cool down. Let your pet play and run, however, make sure that you stay in the shade. As soon as your pet notices that you are in the shade, they are likely to find you when they are ready to cool down.

In this same shade, add water to their bowl. Make sure that your water source is not directly under the sun.

Keeping Paws Cool

Did you know that dogs and other pets expel heat from their paws and their heads? Because of this, it is important to consider your dog’s paws when taking them out. The sidewalk and other concrete flooring get very hot from the sun and can accidentally scathe and burn your dog’s paws.

When this happens, you need to cool your pups’ feet right away! There are also dog shoe accessories that are open and let air in, but also keep your pet cool.

Pet Heat Safety in Moline, IL, is Important for Their Health

Overall, keeping your pet from overheating as the temperature rises is super important. You need to know how heat escapes from your pet. Protect your dog’s head, paws, and their breathing since this is what cools them down. It is important to also have your pet hydrated and cool in a nice and shady spot.

If you have any questions about pet heat safety, reach out to our Moline, IL, animal hospital at (309) 524-5696